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Re: Package Includes Hood

jmagru wrote:

"I was told by the store that non-pro lens never include the lens hood." > They said they didn't even have any lens hoods as it was a new one and > none had come with the first lens shipment.

I got my 70-300 DO new six months ago at Glazer's Camera Store (a
large pro outfit) in Seattle. The hood was in the box with the
lens, and the Canon box says on it: "With Lens Case LP1116 and Lens
Hood ET-65B." Perhaps Canon includes the hood because the lens
costs as much as many L lenses.

Ask the store that told you no hood is included to show you the box
the lens comes in.

Jim Magruder

The fact the DO came with a lens bag implies that the DO range (green ring) is seen by Canon as a specific 'range'. People have suggested that because Canon put a green ring on DO lenses, they're showing they're a special range separate from L glass. People suppose that you'll never get an L glass DO because of this. (no idea if this is true).

However, Canon L glass comes with a case and hood I believe (certainly my 'cheap' 70-200mm f/4 has a soft case with it). Sounds like DO lenses also come with case/hood.

Question is though - does the 70-300mm IS lens have a hood?


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