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Thanks and more 200 ISO pix

Thanks to all for looking and responding with such kind words (mostly;-).
A couple of points:

  • I'm not seeking reassurance of any kind. I feel secure in my life and my choices, the fz30 included. This little presentation was just a tongue-in-cheek attempt at debunking the noise issue that's causing such angst for some readers interested in the camera.

Just like them I first came to this forum for information. I'm grateful to forum members for posting great photos and opening my eyes to the quality of Panasonic's FZ line. I'm now also trying to share the pleasure of using this great camera.

  • For those who couldn't follow the story, the first four shots are 100% crops (one hundred percent) of the 200 ISO original. The shots are straight out of camera, unprocessed save for a levels adjustment. They were selected for their meaning, not their image quality. Regardless of how "lousy" they are, they do show that noise at 200 ISO is not an issue in a properly exposed shot. And no, you can't print 800px/600px shots at 8 x 10 inches;-)

Pictures speak louder than words, so here are three more 200 ISO pix. Noise removal was set on low in-camera and I did NOT use any NR in post-processing...


PP= Crop, levels, resize, sharpen:

PP= Resize, sharpen:

PP= Crop, levels, resize, sharpen:

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