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gary stepic
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Thanks for the link and I love the labeling features

The more I am learning about Bridge the more I am loving it! The rating system saves me gobs of time. I use the filmstrip mode and then the control and the number stars I assign. I have the keywords/metadata below left and folders top left. For me this is an effecient workspace.

I have not used the colors yet for labeling. I shoot a lot of sports and keywords come in handy because I can assign the athletes name as a keyword then at the end of the season use the Bridge edit - find function and use keywords as the criteria and bingo, have the whole season for one athlete. Then I can create a new folder for just that athlete.

I also love how fast I can get to the RAW file by simply hitting control R. I have Fraziers book on CS2 RAW and this has been pretty helpful along with the chapters on RAW in Evening's CS2 for Photographers book. I have not used any batch tools because it seems like I like to tweak each photo individually. But using the star rating system helps me not waste time on my many so so photos which I still keep (for some reason I have a hard time deleting photos and I think I am not alone!).

I think I will still get Adobe Album or Corel's Album program. I like the idea of having the templates for scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, and that kind of stuff. This morning I went through my folders and reorganized by catagories (creating folders for each catagory) and then moved other folders into these catagories so they are now subfolders, and I can even refine catagories further with subfolders in subfolders. With XP and My Pictures, and using Bridge, I really feel like I do not need another program for organizing. I probably will have to relook at this as i get more weddings and other jobs to shoot.


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