F 10 How do you use for portraits?

Started Sep 28, 2005 | Discussions thread
Shaun Williamson Senior Member • Posts: 1,641
Re: F 10 How do you use for portraits?

Use manual mode with exposure compensation of -1/3. However remember
photography is all about light and no camera can compensate for poor light.
Your daughter is screwing her eyes up which probably means that the sun
was shining into her eyes. This is not good portrait light. You need to use
a light which is not so strong (maybe cloudy conditions), the light over your
left shoulder (not directly behind you). Then set the lowest ISO possible
which will still give a good shutter speed, zoom in at least to the middle of
the zoom range.
If you want to take great portraits then you need to study how the great
photographers did it. No camera will do it for you automatically. Its all about

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