Tamron 28-75 XRDi equal to 28-70 AFS Nikkor?

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Re: Tamron 28-75 XRDi equal to 28-70 AFS Nikkor?

I did do a side by side test between these two. All shot at f8 at 28,50 and 70 on a my D2x. The Tamron was sharper at all focal lenghs, it is also slightly warmer. The tamron held highlight detail better but the Nikon held shadow detail ever so slightly better. I have since bought the Tamron and done alot of shots at f2.8 and just about every aperture, if anything I think the Nikon (which I have used since it came out) is beter at f16 and f22. The nikon is also quicker at focusing.

The AFS lens isnt mine, its the studios I work at. I however had to get my own and got the Tamron after the test. I dont shoot alot of midrange stuff so I couldnt warrant the extra cost. Im in Australia and the difference is a $600 lens v a $2900 lens. I have really been surprised by the Tamron stuff. I bought the Tamron 90mm Macro over the 105 Nikkor last week too. I love it. Nothing against Nikon lenses though, I still love my 12-24AFS and 80-200AFS. Tamron just really come to the party with the two forementioned lenses. I say that after using the 17-35AFS and 28-70AFS and the 60mm micro for years now.

Hope this helps your decision, their seems to be pleanty of people singing praise for the 17-55 and here you can buy the 17-55 and the tamron 28-75 for the same price as one 28-70AFS.

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