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Re: Lighting Advice Please... DIY Diffusion Panels

The late great Dean Collins has videos showing how he used Lightform Diffusion and Reflector panels to create the most amazing light. Try to find his "Finelight" videos - especially the ones on portraits to see him in action with them - they come up on ebay and may be in lending library of some local state level pro photo groups (PPA) if you are a member.

Lightform panels are big "Frames" (42"x42", 42"x72",72"x72") that hold a reflective or diffusion material and can actually be used to modify available light outside or with strobes to create your own giant softbox like window light by shooting through the diffusion material or bouncing off the reflective fabric.

Now Dean was sponsored at the time by Bogen/Lightform so most of his videos show him using those products (and they are great products) but he was the first to say at his live seminars that the frames were ultra simple to build yourself with PVC pipes and elastic cords and I'm sure you can find some Do-It-Yourself plans out there online somewhere. You could use the paper mentioned in another post for diffusion or material available cheap from fabric stores such as ripstop nylon.

From the catalog pics you shared, I would bet they were done with a very large (ie; expensive) softbox or big lightbanks and were likely shot with multiple mega watt second strobes as big league fashion shooters tend to lover those powerful strobes...
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