Is there anything that can be done to further better this photo

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Using Curves

I found the picture lacking in contrast. I used curves to fix this picture up some. I first moved the lower left corner of the RGB curve about 1/4th of a division to the right (each division = 1 EV) to get a better black level. I then made an "S" in the curve that improves contrast. At this point the person was looking kind of orange that means there was too much red so I moved the Center of the RED curve down and right a bit. I fiddled a little with the Blue and Green curve a bit and below is the result.

It could be tweaked some more, but I think this is in the right direction. The face needed some more contrast to keep it from looking so flat. Also the hair got too much contrast and well at the suit which lost some detail. Normally I would tweak it a bit working with layers, but I was just trying to see what direction to go in (often with a "challenging" photograph, I will try some quick experiments just to get a direction and then go back and start over with layers and being more careful).

Karl {5EAFB591-46E5-4B45-948F-67A7151FE176} picture.JPG

SI Mike wrote:

This is an image that I restored for a freind, I would like to see
if any professionals can give any tips to further enhance this
photo and I would also like some critique on this.
SI Mike
This is the original:

This is the restored version:

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