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Re: Yo Yo Gov---

flat five wrote:

Gov wrote:

You DOG!!! D70 just wasn't good enough 'ey

yes and no... they are both great cameras. period.

I'm sure they are. I think for me, I'm waiting until the D2000 comes, so if it as others have predicted, I can have the option of removing the grip. We'll have to wait and see. It's interesting that you are loving the grip--I jsut can't understand how someone wouldn;t want tat least the option to do this--I think it will make (as you have already said) shooting portraits that much easier.

when i think about the future however, i'm not sure if i'll be okay
with the fact that all of my images are 5mb files... so, i went
with the 5g peace of mind option... plus, this thing has all sorts
of added features... kind of like when you sit in a top of the line
car... a bunch of crazy little things that might not be necessary
but are definitely luxurious... oh yeah, then you actually drive it

I hear you--although I'm not sure how much beyond the 12-16 mp threshold is necessary. I know the MF digibacks are like 22mp, but that's alot of resolution and HUGE file sizes. I guess with storage becoming cheaper it might be easier, but time will tell on that front.

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Chuck--it's funny becuase for one of you last sets like this
(when it was raining on my vacation), i had an entire comment
written up and it was lost when I hit preview--i was pi$$ed.
anyway, there was a fellow there who had the similar wrinkles of
time and i just loved it. you have a penchant for getting these
just right. this would look awesome in b&w as well.

oh man, such great stories to be told by the faces of our
elderly... i can't get enough... the right light really helps to
bring this out...

Yeah I hear you--I've got a portrait book and one of my favorites in the book is a portrait of Richard Harris with a cigarette in his mouth shot by Nigel Parry. The mood and the lines on his face are killer--very similar to this and the other one i was mentioning.

It's remarkeable to me to see how you have progressed in this type
of photogrpahy. you may have been at it all along and not posting,
but i feel like you just started posting this stuff within the last
six mos. i can say with certainty that your work of this sort has
improved dramaticaly and you have no doubt amassed quite a
collection of these.

hey, thanks Patrick... i've sort of been doing these since the
beginning but i always had a hard time getting the images to print
similarly to what i see in my head... i attribute the progress to a
better understanding of light and how to better deal with different
conditions... i used to look for subjects first but now, i wait
until i see some decent lighting before i start really looking for
subjects... other times, (such as the subway) i'll try to transfer
the dirt light into a gritty image.. still learning though so these
thoughts may differ next year...

Hey whatever it s, it is noticeable. I rmember the first set of street people I saw from you--they were good, but not nearly this good--and I feel like that was only a few months back. Kudos. I need to get out more and shoot this kind of stuff.

we've gotta chat offline--i'll email you this week.

yes, do that... i'm pretty sure i'll be in town for a while...

here's the b&w version... same as the other one except i got rid of
some of the channels in Lab..

I like it, but I think this photo illustrates one of the shortcomings of the lab conversion in certain situations. this photo could take a ton mroe contrast IMO. i think for this type of photo, the channel mixer is best, or at least some tyoe of curves/levels adjustment after deleting the lab channels. jsut my opinion of course.

i'll get up with you later.


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