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Re: Really, Really Nice Photos; Question

Yada Day wrote:

Your photos are deluxe - congrats on the very good results, and
thanks for sharing. Your discussion of your approach (interaction
with subjects/getting permission) and your thinking behind it was
insightful and valuable - Thanks.

Just one technical question, please, thanks - how would you
describe the final result that you would likely have gotten with
the D70 instead of the D2x (in terms of image quality, or anything
else)? What would have been missing or differerent with the D70,
and by how much?

these images at this size could have easily been made with the D70.. some of the things that i feel are better with the d2x so far --
-auto white balance is more accurate

-vertical grip - i love the 3:2 vert and most of my images are done with this orientation... i can hand hold at slower shutter speed since i no longer have a chicken wing going on...
-faster/more accurate AF plus 11 points instead of 5
-bigger viewfinder
-dedicated AF button is a nice touch
-sturdier build and weatherproof
-the meter is displayed on the top lcd as well as in the viewfinder

-an extra lcd on the back which displays iso setting amongst other things (actually, more handy than i thought it would be)
-multi channel histogram (great for checking your nikon reds)
-zooming during playback is much improved
-dedicated switches for changing metering and focus modes

-mirror lock up + the self timer is better (on the d70, you have to switch to timer prior to each exposure)

  • plus some more stuff that i'm drawing a blank on right now..

there are also a few features on the d2x that i may never get into so i'm sure i dropped some money on features i don't need or want...

all of those things basically do not contribute to image quality but they are helpful tools.

the biggest difference i've noticed in quality so far is when printing bigger images... i've only gone to 12x18 so far but the difference is already apparent...

ps, if you post some more and don't mind, please include the EXIF info

sure, no prob... here's the exif from the first image in the set... i can pretty much guarantee that it will always look like this with the exception of iso,aperture,shutter, and maybe the lens...
File Name: DSC0714.NEF
Shooting Date/Time: 2005:09:09 19:31:15
Camera Model Name: NIKON D2X
Lens: 17-55mm f/2.8-2.8
Exposure Program: Manual
Sharpness: Normal
Color Hue: Mode2
Saturation: Normal
Shutter Speed: 1/80
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 34.0mm
ISO Setting: 800
Flash: No Flash
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
White Balance: Auto
White Balance Fine Tune: 0
Shutter Count: 737

(haha- only #737 :))

thanks Yada,

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