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Great Post Ednaz! n/t

Ednaz wrote:

There is a certain amount of courage required to shoot short focal
length, but all the street photogs I admire never used anything
longer than a 35mm lens on a film body. That angle of view is what
lets you put the character in the environment.

One of the best classes I ever took forced us to shoot with nothing
longer than 35mm. We were assigned neighborhoods where we'd stick
out so obviously that trying to sneak images would likely get you
more bad attention than just walking up and asking. What I learned
was that people get really angry being shot on the sly - they know,
and it just feels dishonest (was on the receiving end myself once,
and I was surprised how angry I felt). But asking - even if it's
just an eyebrow raise or a nod - gets really cooperative subjects,
and its the relationship between the photographer and the subject
that becomes the image, 10x more engaging to look at. After about
two days in the neighborhood, I was more invisible than if I'd been
using a right angle lens and sneaking from behind doors.

The class instructor said that if you were unwilling to shoot with
consent, it meant that you still didn't think you were a
photographer. The more I told myself to stop saying "amateur" or
"student" or "part time" or other words in front of the word
photographer, the easier it got.

Funny how it comes down to something like that.

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'Everything I know I learned from someone else. Life doesn't get
much easier than that.'

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