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Re: My New Camera - (8)

inanola wrote:

yeah, pic #1 looked like you had some explaining to do after taking
pics of the dude's girlfriend or worse if the two gentlemen on the
right are the blonde babe's family.

cool, interesting to hear how you see the image...

in actuality, the girl is by herself... when i first decided to try this one, we were about 20 seconds away from the station.. i originally wanted to show how packed the rush hour train was and the lone girl standing in the sea of guys added a nice touch... once the doors opened and i jumped out to get the shot, the dynamics changed... the empty space created by my absence caused a less cramped feeling and the girl, who was originally facing the door, turned away when she saw my lens...(as most females do ..hah)

once i got back on the train though, she was the most curious to see the lcd...:)

i need to work on breaking the ice with strangers. people will
oftern talk to me about my camera but i'll have it at some odd
setting so that the pic doesn't turn out when i snap a pic of them.
if i go to mess with the settings, they get all uneasy. i'm
usually racing between my son's school and my business so that
doesn't help when i go to bs with people. so again, great shots.

knowing your camera very well helps with this stuff.. the d70 and d2x are similar enough in controls that the cross over was painless for me... i have definitely missed a few shots because of user error and that is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when quick shooting is going on...

another thing that i find helps with a person's uneasiness is if you explain why you are drawn to them... lighting, clothing, personality, etc.. also, offer a print or an email of the picture...

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