Africa chapter 3 and last (imgs)

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Re: Alex, please

Sorry Lasse,

now I have time until I'll fall sleeping in front of my try to answer your and other questions.....and sorry also because I don't have real secrets.

I shoot RAW, of course, and use capture 4 to adjust luminosity channel when needed.
Then I save tiff file 16 bit and open with CS.
I obviously work at the highest quality possible.

Here I run DV at level 1 (but not to all images) and check the color balance, contrast to my liking.

This is not made in batch to all images, I adjust each image one by one if needed.

Some images are quite straight out of the camera, like those of the lions with the black background, I didn't like the Velvia effect on these and no PP was needed to get them any better.

I don't want to overdue PP because I like to have the most natural effect possible.

I shoot a lot and I learned with tentatives how to get the right exposure with the D100.

Right exposure, and this is not a secret, is the real key to achieve good results.

When you have it the PP after is really simple and fast and results are much better than if you have to tweak too much.

Also PP required experience and is like the old darkroom: fine adjusting each an hard and time demanding job, but can give better results than any out of the camera shot, this for sure, and any image, also those shooted in the same lighting situation and often almost the same composition can slightly change on from the other.
That's why every image deserve a careful attention.

But I don't have a special tecnique, if for example you give me an image I already processed one hour before, probably the final result will be different, as well as it was with b&w darkroom for fine-art prints.

Some images requires time until I get the desired result, others, after several tentatives, go out exactly as they were out of the camera.
For sharpening I use CSpro with layers tweaking.

Sometime I use neat image to reduce noise, but not to the entire image, only on needed areas.

I think that's all, nothing that nobody else already know here, all these are instruments taht everybody uses, it only depends on how I think.
I hope this answer your question.
Thank you again.


Lasse Eisele wrote:

I won't tell you again how incredibly good you are. I just have a
request. The tonality in some of your images is amazing (for
example the apes, the lions, the giraffes and the elephants). It's
really film-like, or even better than film. I don't think I have
ever seen this quality from the D100. Please, please, please
explain how you do it. What raw converter and what kind of post
processing? I have been reading ALL of your answers but you hardly
say anything at all on this matter. You mentioned the Velvia
plug-in in the first thread. Is it that good or do you have other
Best regards

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