300D raw corruption after having previewed

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Re: 300D raw corruption after having previewed

Sounds like the camera is doing something really odd... Given that it's so intermitant, it might be hard to get it fixed...

However first you need to absolutely rule out the CF cards... The best way I know of to test a CF card is to use your computer and a CF card reader/writer. On your computer make a folderfull of images that's total size is just slightly smaller then the amount of the capacity of your CF card your testing. Copy the file from your computers hard disk to the CF card. Then do a bit by bit comparison of the data... if the data is not 100% identical... then you've got some sort of CF card problem... If your data is corrupt when doing this, then that's actualy kinda good... cause then you can be somewhat sure your camera is not the problem, etc...

There is a program called CDCheck that is free for personal use that does a excelent job at doing bit by bit comparisons of file/folders...

If your cards check out clean repeatedly... you'd better get on the phone with Canon... and/or work with someone to get your camera fixed... Good Luck.

paul1631 wrote:

I've been having a problem with my 300d and wondered if anyone
could help me out. I can take a picture (raw), review it on the
camera and it's fine, then take a few more pictures which are also
fine. Then when I look back through the previews, one that I have
already reviewed is now corrupted. It doesn't always happen on the
same frame number and it doesn't always happen at immedietly. I've
tried formating the card and changing the card but the problem is
persisting. If anyone can shed any light on this I'd be very

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