Do extension lenses like this actually work?

Started Sep 15, 2005 | Discussions thread
Mike_PEAT Forum Pro • Posts: 13,344
Not recommended...

Especially "Digital Optics", "Crystal Optics", or "Vision Optics" brands.

From another thread on the exact same topic:

I used to use the Raynox lenses on my C-700 (with a non-removeable lens) to give me more tele (DCR-2020Pro 2.2x) and more wide angle (DCR-6600Pro .66x). On the C-700 I had no other choice as the lens was non-removable.

I admit I did try them on my E-300 kit lenses...they are both just too heavy for the kit lenses (since the lenses extend while focusing, and will cause excessive wear on the mechanism) and on top of that the .66x vignettes. They were great on my C-700 since with the filter adapter tube all the weight of the extension lens was on the body and not the camera's lens itself.

Olympus has a 1.4x extention tube, I haven't tried it.

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