Could the new Sony DSC-R1 be the A3?

Started Sep 8, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Could the new Sony DSC-R1 be the A3?

I think it would be a nice idea if guys from KM would offer some flexibility in A3. What I mean, if they would have an APS-sized sensor they could offer an interchangeble lens solution (to be able to accept the lenses with Minolta mount).

But the best IMHO could be the development of a couple of universal lenses for the wide angle and tele (for instance 20-50 mm, 50-300, and maybe 28-200 one (in 35mm equiv.)) with macro capability. It is in fact much easier and cheaper to develop a good wide-angle lens for a rangefinder (or EVF) camera than for an SLR as in rangefinder camera there is no gap for the mirror needed to be considered.
Provided with reasonable anti-dust solution that would be quite a camera.
And I think it's pity Sony has dropped the video option.

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