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Re: Metz missed the boat for me

racehorse in the desert wrote:

I have waited for Metz to get their act together for about two
years. Wanted to use one of their excellent flashes on the D/DS.
But, I am going to end up with the new Pentax AF540 for the flash
power that I need.

Have to agree with that. I would have loved to buy their flashes, especially since they could stay with me if I switched brands but in the end I bought one AF360 followed by two Sigma Super 500 DGs.

If I stay with Pentax I will most likely buy four AF540s and get rid of the two Sigmas.

It's nice to see that Metz are finally providing more support for Pentax but after reading this thread I still don’t know if they will only support the DS to the same level as the D or whether they now plan to include full P-TTL support.

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