LX1 - I've got! I've got it!

Started Sep 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Manfred Lai
Manfred Lai Contributing Member • Posts: 926
LX1 - I've got! I've got it!

Just got it yesterday!
What a lovely camera . . .
And I would have to say it's a big leap ahead for Panasonic.
The last Lumix I owned was a LC5 & it was disappointing.
(& it was understandable given that was Panny's first pro-digicam).

If you have any questions about the LX1, go ahead & ask!

BTW, this camera is selling fast!!!
I actually went to two malls before finding a silver version.
Store #1 had only 1 left, & it was reserved . . .
Store #2 had none . . . .
Store #3 had 1 silver left, (I bought it) and the rest is in black . . .


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