Prosumers are dead? Maybe A3?

Started Aug 2, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Prosumers are dead? Maybe A3?

I don't despair. Every day that AA battery sizes improve my 7Hi seems so much more usable.

I moved away from SLR photography 'cos the glass was too heavy to carry. I remember climbing to the top of the tower beside the duomo in Florence...I thought I was going to bag was full of kit and I hadn't planned on my good lady taking me on a hike up a 350ft tower! End of SLR!

A 28-200 lens with a 1.7x tele extender gives me what I need and the 7fps of the 7Hi is more than fast enough for me.

I guess in a year or so I'll move on to a new model so I'll look forward to the next range, anti-shake, bigger zoom greater resolution and longer battery life... all to be embraced. They make taking great pictures easier!

Maybe when I retire I can spend the time to go back to SLR and get a little bag on wheels to tote the lenses around.

In the meantime prosumer rocks for me. Digital all the way...

7Hi, oh yeah - all day long...with enough batteries...!

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