Photographs steal your soul.

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Michael Fryd
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The physics of how photographs steal your soul

We should really use our knowledge about the mechanics of
photography to try to explain how photographing people steals their
souls. Any ideas?

Current scientific knowledge clearly supports the notion that having your photograph taken harms your soul.

If you look at the current state of what we know about quantum physics a few compelling facts emerge.

The universe is digital, not analog. People used to believe that rays of light, or drops of water could be divided up in infinite ways. We now know that they are made up of molecules, or photons, and that there is a finite number of ways it can be divided up. Sub-atomic particles can exist at certain energy states, but not in-between. Face it, the world is digital.

Even stranger is that the world does not exist, unless someone is looking at it. I'm not talking new age philosophy, I'm talking modern physics. If we set up an experiment where we shoot electrons at a wall with two holes in it, different things happen, depending on whether or not we are looking to see which hole it went through. If we look, the electron goes through a particular hole. If no one looks, the electron doesn't go through either hole. It is as if a probability wave passed though (50% possibility through either hole) and reality didn't bother picking a hole, because no one looked.

The obvious conclusion is that our world is actually an optimized computer simulation.

To save processing time, parts of the world that are of little interest (i.e. no one is looking) are not simulated in detail, the program just builds an outcome based on probabilities.

If no one is looking at a person, the program doesn't have to simulate individual photons interacting with the person. When you take a photo of someone, the program must pay attention to the subject's actual look, simulate individual photons interacting with the person, interacting with other people, etc. An incredible increase in computing resources.

If there is only a limited amount of resources available for each person, wasting resources on the photographic process may very well reduce the resources available for the soul, thus 'stealing' part of the soul. Obviously satellite surveillance photos, where the subject appears as a few pixel blob, or the photo is never looked at, don't take noticeable resources at all, as the rough approximation will do.

For those who choose to look at science for guidance, it is clear that having your photograph taken can easily damage your soul.

For those who turn their backs on science, and rely on superstition, go ahead, become a supermodel.

Before you do, I urge you to consider the evidence you see before you. Think of the typical supermodel, someone who gets photographed all the time. Doesn't it appear that these people seem to have less of a soul than your average person?

People, I urge you to stop and smell the photons!

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