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Re: How do I get Hugin to work??

pavinder wrote:

So I've taken your advice, downloaded Hugin from Sourceforge (hugin
0.5 snap-20050614 (MacOSX)), thinking everything it needed was in
the package. Launching the app - nothing happened.

I figured out I have to download Panotools seperately and install
this, so I did (version 2.6b1). After expanding the file, I had a
bunch of folders and files but no instructions where they should be
put. So I put them in the Hugin folder, and copied the pano12.lib
file to my System> Library> Extensions, but realised that all the
files were classic applications, whereas I'm running Mac OSX. So
of course the Hugin still won't launch.

If no interface is coming up at all, then it sounds like a problem getting hugin itself to run, and not related to panotools. From what the page says, it seems that that libpano is already in that distribution too. Even if panotools were needed, I think the interface would still start up and you would just get problems further on.

Macs are a bit out of my experience - I could take a stab in the dark and say that maybe it is because it needs the x-server to run and perhaps there's a problem with that? It's a bit specialised, so I think your best bet would be to send an email off to Ippei or the mailing list mentioned on


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