Picture thread: show your best focus trap picture.

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TresOkies wrote:

I got it! I think the real trick is getting a contrasty background.
I was trying to do this indoors first but it wasn't working. I
could trigger the shutter using Ron's technique described earlier,
but I couldn't get it to fire.

I went outside, where it's a nice warm September afternoon with a
bit of a south wind. There are wasps and moths flying in and out of
the few remaining flowers on our porch. I set the trap on one of
the flowers and then moved the head slightly so the flower wouldn't
trigger. This isn't a great shot because the flowers are out of
focus, but I had a visitor...

ISO 200, f3.5, 1/4000s

Thanks, Ron!

Congratulations EriYou're welcome.

I have yet to get mine to fire with bees, wasps, etc. But of course, I have mostly used the method with hummingbirds.

Here is an idea for you: Sharp focus on a flower. Then tilt the focus trap area just above the flower. Now if a bee, or other things, comes to visit the flower, you will get the visitor and the flower both in focus.

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