Flash compensation vs. exposure compensation

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Re: Flash compensation vs. exposure compensation

martym wrote:

Dave Lewis wrote:

My D will not control flash output without the flash up, thus won't
control flash output of an external flash. The Ds will control
flash output with its flash exposure compensation.
Dave Lewis

Hi Dave
It does work with the AF240FT, I think you mentioned you had one of
these in a previous post. Just put it on the hotshoe, turn the
camera on, then the flash (set to TTL) go to TV or AV on the camera
(make sure the flash is ready), set the EV comp up two or down two.
You should notice that the aperture and shutter speed do not change
and the flash output varies. Won't work with P mode or Green. If
it doesn't you may have a bad contact or something. Don't know if
it works with other flashes other than Pentax though.

Yes, I think I remember that thread. I was wrong, though. My Pentax flash is the 330 model and it works perfectly on both the D and the Ds. Honestly, though, in retrospect, I think I used the Sigma on the D with P. I should try it with TV or AV. I use flash so seldom in the summer that I foget more than I remember about it.
Dave Lewis

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