Flash compensation vs. exposure compensation

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Re: Flash compensation vs. exposure compensation

Hi John!

Using exposure compensation will change the exposure on the entire
image. Using flash compensation is useful with fill flash when you
want the reading of the ambient light, or background, to remain the
same, and only want to change the fill flash. But I know that you
knew that;

Thanks, and yes.

you are just saying that it is easier to use the dial
than the menu, and that certainly is correct, right?

Yes and no. Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I did not expect to have two access paths to flash exposure compensation in the first place.

What surprised me was that the exposure compensation dialed-in in Av mode does a) have no influence on shutter speed at all and b) works as flash-exposure compensation instead.

I found it surprising but useful that the exposure compensation dial changes its meaning in this situation. I would have either expected that exp. comp. adjusts shutter speed to give more or less importance to ambient light OR that exp. comp. is simply ignored for this use (Av + flash) .

Don't know whether this made it any clearer, though

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