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Re: Tell us more....

Whatever method you use, keep in mind that only use of the blower is "approved" by Nikon. All the others you use at your own risk.

I suspect that the failure that some experienced with the tape method is related to either lifting the tape too fast and at a too sharp angle or using the tape when it's too warm. Let the camera and tape cool down to something like 20 - 24 deg. C and it should not leave any residue.

I decided on the tape method because I consider dragging a swab across an optic to be the very last resource. I don't care if the swab is moist and soft. You end up dragging the dirt it picks up as well... OTOH if it does not pick any dirt, why bother doing it at all?

On the other hand, with tape there is no lateral movement so you don't "drag" anything.

To find out more, read but make sure to read the entire thread so you know what you are getting into.

Note to myself: I have some tape that is used in masking for wave soldering. It not supposed to leave any residue and it is heat resistant. It may be better than the Scotch 810 I'll have to try it on an old filter.

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