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Re: Roman Johnston - tell me about LAB

The way my mind sees it is a color adjustment with an X type axis with 4 colors involved (a- b channels) including yellow red blue and green...

You can change colors and increase the contrast of the colors ....subtil things like little flowers that get lost in the green now pop again. (see shot below.....I had even forgotten that the shot had red flowers on the right bank of the stream) and it does it like nothing I have ever learned in the last 2 years using photoshop....and I have great photoshop resources of graphic designers that have been using PS since the early years.

To put it simply.....the forward is written by David Biedny who is a force in photoshop useage ideas...

To write a subject so deep that it makes him want to re-read most of the chapters several times to realize the implications of the power of Lab....that has to say somthing.

I still have a LOT to read and learn.....and all I know is with the little I have was already worth the price of admission....and I have a LOT more to read....and the techniques I have thumbed through later in the book seem to rival what your eye sees in light reflectance that approaches real world.

Thats pretty phonominomal (sp?)

Here is the shot:

Here is my origonal attempt....which the greens absolutly dominated and were rather monochromatic and didnt reflect the huge variations of green I origonally saw....took about 20-30 min of PP to get this to this point:

Here is my re attempt....and I am sure I have a lot to learn...but the color seperation and the red flowers are now much closer to what I remember:

And the sharpening technique is outstanding....Between smart sharpening in PSCS2 and sharpening only in the Lab Luminesance layer....just mind boggling.

Hope this helps!!


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