Cheap way of getting rid of hot pixels

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Cheap way of getting rid of hot pixels

I thought some of you might find this useful.

If you have hot pixels, there exist programs that try to get rid of them ( one such program is FlameOut, ).

However, if you don't want to pay for such a software (or send your camera back to Pentax for mapping out the pixels in the CCD), there is an alternative way to get rid of them in Photoshop, namely by recoding an "action", in which you go and one by one elliminate the hot pixels. The way to do it is as follows:

1) Best to get a picture in which the hot pixels are clearly visible. Say, shoot with the lens cap on at ISO1600 for a couple of seconds; then, optinally, in Photoshop play with curves so that the bad pixels stand out. (If you cannot see a hot pixel, it is probably not worth worrying about it.)
2) Go to Window-> Actions. This will open the Actions palette.

3) In the palette's menu (or from the icons on the bottom of the palette) select "Create new action".
4) Give it a name (say, "My hot pixel removal") and select it.
5) Click "Record" (a circle from the bottom of the palette).

6) Now zoom on individual hot pixels. For each, select "Patch tool", drag outline around the bad pixel (or the cluster of the bad pixels), then drag the outline to one of the sides of the cluster, thus effectively replacing the bad cluster with its vicinity (note: you cannot use clone tool or healing brush, because they cannot be recorded in an action).

7) When finished for all the pixels, click "Stop" (a square from the bottom of the palette).

8) Now you may review how your action works. Open any image with visible hot pixels, select your action and hit "Play" (a triangle from the bottom of the palette). After a couple of seconds your hot pixels should be gone.

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