You saved me!!! Long, Long, Thank You

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You saved me!!! Long, Long, Thank You

I have been shooting High school Football for four years now.

I started and ended using an Oly C-3000, Oly C-3030, Oly C-4000, and a Nikon Coolpix 8700.

Before All that, I got started in "Digital" photography, with a Fuji 1.2 mp P&S.

My Pictures in football were Cruddy at night, and pretty good during the day, better as I moved up to Nikon. But with any P&S I have used, ISO 400 is just noise with a picture on it.

3-Months ago I decided that it was time to actually try to be a photographer and Upgraded to the D70 and some very Fine Glass. Problem was I had no idea how much of a learning curve there was.
I still don't know diddly about PP my night pictures.

I tried and tried to figure out a way to shoot night football under poor lights.

I shot 3000 pictures of night softball, trying to "Practice" before Football Season begins, but could never make it work, which left me to think I had to use my SB-800 to actually get any useable photo's.

Sports corner forum at F Miranda had people telling me that flash was a good thing for night football, but I don't like the look much.

So I came here and asked an average of 140 questions a week (not kidding see profile) and got a wide range of answers.

Each week I would put these answers to the test on a softball field with poor light. Each week I got different results, but never what I was looking for. I just could not get it.

Then last week when I was complaining about underexposure, which caused noise that even Ninja or Neat could not clean up, I got one simple answer. I do not know who said it, or what thread it was from, but they said........


I was setting on dynamic so the camera was reading too much of the dark background.

So Sunday night I went to the park, knowing that I had 2 weeks till the first night game began. There was no softball, but a soccer practice was under way. I Turned the camera to Spot metering and pumped up the ev to +1.7 and set my white balance to flor -3 and began to shoot.

The LCD lies when it comes to underexposure but the histogram does not. My pictures actually had a mountain range in the middle, instead of a flat group on the left. I was almost thrilled. But........

My white balance was still to warm and turned the faces and white shirts a little to "Warm?"

I pointed my lens (with Spot Meatering on), at the top of my Starbucks white chocolate Mocha cup lid and hit PRE on the WB menu.

Viola.... Everything exactly as I have been hoping for the last three months. I could not wait to get the pics home and see what they looked like on the computer. Again I was very please.

I am now going to be able to shoot low light night football games like never before.

Below is an example of a picture I took that night. No PP, and NO NOISE REDUCTION yet. This is straight out of the camera.

Finally I don't feel like I wasted the $4,000 I spent 3 months ago on equipment.

Now if I can only learn technique, or grow some natural talent, I may be able to sell a 4 x 6 for $0.69 ($4,000 - $0.69 = a long way to go)

So now that I have spent another night writing while in insomnia land, I can get to the point.

Thank You. Thank You all.

From those that asked questions I could answer, to those who gave me many tips, and all the way to the genius who saved me with Spot Metering, I say a never ending...

Thank You and Bless you.....
John (Messenger ID is TartarFan)
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