S80 and Canon,the real story

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S80 and Canon,the real story

Ok,we all know the S80 replaced the S70,some changes were made ,and Canon didn't include RAW file format ,this time.

In reality,numerous changes were made,to this one camera.One that has evolved over the years,getting better all the time,in most area's.

Look at how many changes were made to the S70.
A few??

More like 'Many' changes.Canon was in the R&D labs.They were even listening to some of their customers.

S80 added features,over S70:

2.New body design/style
4.Larger 2.5" LCD (no increase in resolution,though.)
5.Live Histogram
6.Better Movie mode(1 Gig limit,640 x 480 @30fps,newer XGA mode)
7.Quick Bright LCD is now usable in direct/bright sunlight
8.15 levels of brightness adjustments on LCD.(2 levels,with previous Sxx)

9.Multi Control Dial- for faster user adjustments.Faster in playback(image scroll).
10.USB 2.0 High speed - for faster downloads(those not using card readers)
11.Faster Autofocus- up to 20%
12.1.8 sec continuous shooting speed (not limited,as with older Sxx)
13. Better autofocus in low light(1 stop better)
14.Grid display - for help with composition and horizons
15.New 'Jump to Folder'buttton,for enhanced playback/viewing of images.
16.9 new special scene modes.
17.Timer/continuous/burst mode now has dedicated button (YES !!)
18.Newly designed interface
19. New mode dial.(could be worse,or better,we will see).

Did I miss anything??

To Be Honest,I think Canon made many improvements/changes to the S80.

Many are a welcome.

It's just the ommition of RAW and switch to SD media,that has many bummed.

For me,SD is fine.The lack of RAW is much more a dissapointment.

Here's Canon's wording,upon the release of the S80:

"The PowerShot S80 provides those serious about photography with uncompromising specifications,” said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe. “Its futuristic and compact design symbolises Canon’s commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible in this important segment.”

Sorry,but the wording sounds nice, but to some,the lack of RAW 'IS' compromising.

It's been there for so long.RAW was always a welcome. Then the take it out,and say '..uncompromising..'

I like Canon,and will still buy from them(maybe even the S80).

But I don't like the way they advertize,and make statements that are questionable,atbest.

That's all.
S30 and S70 owner(and also past S50 owner)

S70 this past Saturday morning:

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