How would you all feel about this......

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Fish Chris
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How would you all feel about this......

Okay, I caught this Largemouth bass several years ago. Please forgive the small photo file, scanned from a cheapie film print:

A few years go by, and I get an e-mail from one of the visitors of my fishing web site, telling me that somebody was using this photo on a t-shirt. It had been painted, or more likely, ran through a photo process simulating a painting though. Note; the shirt color has been changed, and the rod has been added "to protect the innoc.... wait a minute... to cover their @$$" !

A little time goes by, and somebody else e-mails me to inform me that this same photo was being used on a Hawaii bass fishing website. (never mind the fact that this bass was bigger than Hawaii state record). (also note: this was not the exact same photo, but it is a photo of the same fish, caught by myself. It is the exact photo used for the painting on the t-shirt though)

Okay now, I'm kind of flattered that these people would choose one of my photos to use. It would have been nice if they had asked for permission first. Also, it strikes me funny that I have caught a lot more "bigger" bass, and have much better quality digital photos of them..... so why did both of these places choose this one ?

Finally, who in the heck would want a photo of that big ugly guy on there chest ? Bet they don't sell two of them LOL

So again, how would you all feel about this ? I really don't have the time, or money for a good lawyer to go around trying to sue people for stuff like this.... plus, that's not really my style. The whole thing just kind of strikes me in an odd way. Hmmm.

Anyone ?

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You don't have to be a great photographer. Just put yourself in the right spots, at the right times, and take a lot of shots. Some will enevitably turn out great !

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