Wireless Strobe Triggers

Started Aug 19, 2005 | Discussions thread
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FWIW, I tried a test ...

I just tried this with my cheap radio slave (4-channel, battery powered type) and the D70.

With flash hardwired I get sync up to 1/1600 sec., then a gradual fall-off presumbable as the shutter exposure becomes shorter than the flash duration. (With the D70 electronic shutter sync speed is limited by flash duration, not the camera circuitry) With radio slave usuable sync speed is limited to 1/640 -- at 1/800 there's about a 1-stop exposre loss, above that it's completely gone. So looks like there's a delay with these units and the flash is firing after the shutter closes at higher speeds.

I had been vaguely aware of this when I first bought and tested the radio units, but never thought of it Sunday when I was trying to balance flash and window lighting and having one heck of a time. Your post reminded me of my early trials, and sure enough my problems Sunday were right around 1/800 sec. So thanks to your post I learned something.

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