LX-1 pictures and mini-review

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LX-1 pictures and mini-review

Hello all - just putting up the LX-1 shots I took today shooting on the streets (and gardens) in Kyoto. So please keep in mind that this is just day one, and that I'm no expert with this puppy.
Bought the LX-1 yesterday at Yodobashi Osaka and used it a bit today.

This is just intended to give a brief impression of the camera, not an exhaustive review in every type of shooting situation. All shots put up on pbase http://upload.pbase.com/edit_gallery/fujioriginals/lx-1_kyoto at are ISO80, 8Mpix, with contrast, saturation and sharpness all at standard, while Noise is set to low. (I know, I should have set sharpness to low too)

As an original LC-1 owner, I'd say the only thing he and the LX-1 have is common is the size of their LCD. EVERYthing else is new and improved, or so it seems. (not that he's an upgrade for the LC-1)

So far, I am very happy with the camera (also own an S602 and an Optio 550 - each great in its own way). Startup is instantaneous and the focus is fast and accurate (assuming you don't do what I did and bury your nose too close in things - switching to macro for everything helped) Lens seems unbelieveably sharp, and colors, while fairly easily blown (-2/3ev helped at noon wth saturated colors- other times usually -1/3) seem very accurate. And of course, watching the histogram never hurts. Weight is great - he's heftier than I imagined from looking at his pictures. His alloy body feels solid (I just cannot get used to ultra-compacts), yet still really light. His big nose of a lens does make him tough to stuff into your shirt pocket, but a coat pocket is fine. Balance is fine with me - no problems holding him for long periods of time. Never felt balance was awkward at all. Note: Tripod screw is on one side, which allows youto change the battery or SD card without removing the camera from your tripod - nice!)

Menus are VERY easy to navigate, sound feedback is great - never irritating, and features are pretty varied. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think I can even adjust my white balance temperature! AUTO WB seems to work well, even indoors. Nice to be able to use that joystick to change aperature and shutter speed, and the ability to review from play mode is also appreciated. Flash is a bit underpowered (much nicer than the old LC-1's penchant to incinerate people) but well designed.

ISO 400 (not included in these shots - will put some up tomorrow) is a bit noisy (no surprise for a chip this small), though his noise reduction set to high helps a bit, as will the compression of the image when you go to web. Shots look very usable to me, though noise reduction software would be a big help. Just got Epson's 2400 last month and hope to try a few large sized printouts this weekend.

Anyway, these shots are loading now, and they include some jpgs from RAWs, converted from their own software PhotofunStudio. No controls available so corrections have to wait until you open it in PS, but I hope that will change. Didn't see any great advantage to the RAWs - colors seem a bit saturated and I prefer working with the jpegs. CAn't see much advantage to creating a 16MB file (24MB for a tiff, that looked even worse). Will do more testing. So please be patient while the shots load. I'm heading to bed now and will be back in about 12 hours. Hope this helps. ps I edited a few in PS just to see what my standard processing routine would do. I'm impressed so far. Also, I'll be taking him up Mt. Fuji this weekend and will make a separate gallery for those shots next week.

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