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Re: Auto off and battery usage

Well, I stand corrected but the fact remains that you cannot make back up images and you have no way of knowing whether the eyes are open or not from what you see in the view finder of the S3. And, even in a stoic completely orchestrated event, people in your country also blink.

Most Dutch weddings are not a show off like US weddings with > truckloads of bridesmaids, an oversentimental father, an almost hysterical > mother, lots of flower decorations etc.

mmmm Oh well, I guess you can't have everything...

I have -since I said goodbye to film- covered about 70 weddings this way and every wedding was shot almost exclusively in RAW.

And unless you have been shooting 3 to 4 weddings a week, an impressive pace indeed, you have not shot all of them with the S3 in RAW. The S3 has not been out that long.

Besides, the original poster was refering to portraiture and not to wedding photography.

I was the original poster, complaining about the fact that the vertical release is useless because it is gone when I wanted to use it and the reply to my statement about it being gone when I needed to use it was not about portraiture. Ther well may have been another posting and thread that involved portraiture though and if so I apolagize for correcting you.

I did think that it was a good idea and that it would would work nicely for weddings but for me, it leaves the camera on-usually with an image on the LCD since I don't bother to press the shutter each time to clear the image, and that is probably what kills the battery so fast. I'm sure I could learn to clear the image or even to turn the camera off but that's now how I work and my original complaint against the camera still stands which is that they could have, and should have, put an instant on switch in the vertical release as well as in the primary release button. The extra cost would have been, what, $0.25.

I guess if mothers don't cry and dads don't care then people may not blink.
Smile please....

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