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Re: Auto off and battery usage

Walter S Matthews wrote:

Well, that's interesting but you cannot shoot a wedding with the S3
in RAW mode. That is unless you can convince the bride and groom
that it's ok if you miss half the important shots.

Still I manage, through careful planning, to do it almost exclusively in RAW. Probably this isn't possible in the US.

Most Dutch weddings are not a show off like US weddings with truckloads of bridesmaids, an oversentimental father, an almost hysterical mother, lots of flower decorations etc.

These weddings usually are rather sober orchestrated compared to the US ones. Usually we tend not to use a wedding to show how much we can spend.

If you are able to plan forward and know what will be happening you can shoot it almost completely in RAW. Just occasionaly I switch to JPEG shooting when it is required.

I have -since I said goodbye to film- covered about 70 weddings this way and every wedding was shot almost exclusively in RAW.

Besides, the original poster was refering to portraiture and not to wedding photography.

Leen Koper

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