Auto off and battery usage

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Re: Auto off and battery usage

Well, that's interesting but you cannot shoot a wedding with the S3 in RAW mode. That is unless you can convince the bride and groom that it's ok if you miss half the important shots. For example, you could just shoot every other brides maid coming down the asile, unless you have a way to keep the nervous young ladies well spaced and keep them from coming every 10 seconds and make sure that they all have their eyes open each time youshoot-i.e. no back upishots allowed..... I would like to hear from someone who shoots weddings as the main photographer, who uses the S3 as their main camera and who shoots the entire wedding RAW on the S3. I have done many weddings with the D2X as the main camera and shot the entire wedding in RAW on the D2X and the battery life on the D2X is also reduced but not as dramatically as 100 shots. I get about 400 to 500 shots on one battery in compressed RAW mode on the D2X and that amounts to about one and a half 4 gig cards.

I have never tried it but a battery life of 100 shots in RAW on the S3 makes sense in view of the long write times and huge files that are being written.

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