50mm F1.8 YES or NOT

Started Aug 27, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: One consideration . . .

hmm considering the 50mm equals 75mm and most portrait lens are considered 85-100mm, thats not much difference. Also, if you get a 100 standard lens that will increase the crop 150mm, which might be to long. I use my 50mm for almost everything right now. I like to shoot 2.8 and below. I hardly touch my kit lens now, still to slow for low light, especially on the long end. Its amazing what a difference a stop makes with DOF.

Randy Z wrote:


You'll find the 50 phenomenal for shots like #1 and #3, but for
close facial portraits (like #2), most experts recommend an
equivalent FL of 100-120, as more flattering to the face. (the
wider 70 mm equivalent of the 50 gives a bit of wide-angle
distortion to the face. (not sure if I'm using the right technical
term, but all pros shoot faces at 100 or above, for standard

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