P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.

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Re: P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.


Sorry for the slow reply, our company is making lots of redundancies (lay offs) so understandably I'm spending most of my time job searching, instead of looking for things to spend my money on :-).

I bought the Fujistu Loox 720 after a great deal of research. It's a great piece of kit, very responsive and in the short time I had it, I thought my life would never be the same again without one. Crash.

I didn't measure the actual response time, but viewing 6 mpixel Canon D60 jpegs (1.5-2.5 mb) from while connected to an Image tank, I'd click the file and in around a second the image would display... a bit slower than on the camera, but not painful. The enlarged screen size it's good enough for reviewing and checking files have been stored on the HD ok. You can view RAW files with the Magic Lantern software, I imagine they'd take 3-6 seconds to get up (although iirc the software may use the embedded jpeg and so be v. fast). I never got round to a purchase as I managed to break the PDA so quickly. That's was enough to put me off.

For me I wasn't planning on transferring / storing on the PDA, I just wanted to add viewer capabilities to the image tank, which has no screen. I lost a days worth of pics shooting in "special" weather conditions at monument valley - bummer 'cuase I'm from the UK and probably won't get back there for 20 years :-(. Lost becuase I didn't know the download hadn't been succesful. The only time it's ever failed is the time I probably got my life's best pictures. :-((((.

Wifi PSD is also what I'd like to see. No messy cables to carry, and maybe you can soon shoot from the camera to PSD (with appropriate manufactureres wifi attachment).


Glenn W. wrote:

So, did I miss where you actualy say what PDA you purchased? Have
you done any tests and/or documented what kind of transfer speeds
you get from the PDA to USB device (such as external hard drive)???

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