Best way to clean lens advice required

Started Aug 23, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best way to clean lens advice required

I too use a blower and eclipse and pec pads for the sensor. I
would never blow into the camera. but, I don't like putting any
liquid on the lens, just personal preference. I use the Kodak lens
cleaning paper very gently and have never had a problem in over 20

That's serious stuff. I cap my lens with an uv filter. I usually clean it with something convient like my t-shirt. I've tried using napkin, toilet paper, paper towel and my workout towel. they seem alright. the toilet paper leaves a lot of dust/lint. Sometimes, they just smear things out. Like when you have fingerprint, and you're wiping it with shirt. Sometimes smears it out. Chamois work pretty good though. Dish washing sponge is pretty good when it's wet. There's no damage or anything. These things are tough!

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