Death of the prosumer line

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Re: Canon Prosumer models will continue

I and a lot of people here have voiced our opinions that despite the advantages of the high ISO large sensors of dSLRs, many of us don't want to spend extra money to get into a world of big bodies, extra lenses, big bags, dust inside, more complex operation, etc. At least not yet. Canon needs a step up to SLRs above the S2. Most S2 users are looking for a do-it-all. They want simplicity, not the complexity and cost of bodies, lenses, flashes, and the expense of all that. Even some SLR users get a Pro1 or S2 because the SLR is "too much" to take on a trip. Why buy something you won't (or are afraid to) use?

And the S2 and H1 are not niche products, they (at least the S2) sell in large quantities. Any marketer will tell you that any product that sells big makes or indicates a maket just above it and just below it. The Pro2 will fill a definite space. It sold well, and lots of people are interested in the replacement, just like people were for the S2.

Montana500 wrote:

entry DLSR prices are making prosumer range obsolete.

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