Best way to clean lens advice required

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Re: Best way to clean lens advice required

John Bean (UK) wrote:

racehorse in the desert wrote:

I usually use the "huff and puff" method. Breathe or blow on the
lens to fog it and then clean it gently with a piece of Kodak lens

I'll happily breath on it if I have no Eclipse handy, but lens
tissue? No way - it's like fine wet'n'dry. It probably won't hurt a
modern hard coating as easily as some of the older ones but I'd
rather use well-washed cotton than lens tissue. Pec Pads are great,
whether you use breath or Eclipse on lenses. Wouldn't recommend
breathing on sensors though

I too use a blower and eclipse and pec pads for the sensor. I would never blow into the camera. but, I don't like putting any liquid on the lens, just personal preference. I use the Kodak lens cleaning paper very gently and have never had a problem in over 20 years.

Upon inspection it appeared that a small piece of gooey food was on
the lens, from a dinner I attended.

Unusual. I ask for a doggy-bag...

Ha-ha. No, it wasn't me. I was taking photos near the buffet line and I think I got splashed.

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