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•• Nikon or Canon? ••

I have been a Nikon user for 20 + years. I have a large gear of Nikon lenses and accessories (lenses from Fish eye to 300mm). I currently have only film cameras from Nikon (F4s, FM2n). I know it does not make sense, but I have bought two digital cameras, but they are Canon. Although I have no Canon gear, I decided to go with Canon. The reason is simple. I have been waiting for a good (image-wise/value) and affordable Nikon Digital camera. Not everyone thinks that a good digital camera should cost $3,000 - $5,000, especially at the speed that they become obsolete. I have friends that have two to three pro Nikon digital cameras in their obsolete corners.

My main priority on a digital camera is image quality in general. I found the D70, and later the D70s to be the same camera image-wise. The D70s would have been an excellent choice, but for some reason I was not satisfied with the whites/highlights of that cameras, and with the NEF software sold separately. I research extensively the quality of the images before purchasing a digital camera. I compare different camera photos side by side, of the same subjects.

Other reasons include for purchasing a Canon include: Price/value/features, e.g., I found the Rebel XT to be a better choice. Image size and quality was a big part of my decision. I bought the Canon Rebel XT, but I was hoping that Nikon would have produced the D70s with an 8.2 MP sensor and fixed the whites/highlights of the images in jpeg. Yes I do use image-editing software like Photoshop CS, but if a camera can give me a better jpeg image without editing, in my opinion it saves incredible amount of tedious work time. I use RAW on high priority images, so the uncompressed RAW is important which both, D70s and Rebel XT cameras feature.

Another big part of my decision is that Nikon sells separately their RAW software. That is more expenses for many of us. Canon and other companies include it with the camera package. The Nikon D50 would have been a great option for me, but there are four main reasons why I did not buy it. 1- NEF (RAW) software sold separately, 2- lacks 8MP image size, 3- lacks an external LCD lamp (which makes it very inconvenient to see in dark situations), 4- lacks Mirror lockup.

I am still waiting for Nikon to produce a camera that is better or similar to the current Canon competition. Believe me, my Nikon gear is waiting to be unleashed for digital.

Thanks for reading...


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