20D - improved Katz Eye focsuing screen - Part 1/1

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Metering Modes

Doug Kerr wrote:

Hi, Ray,

Interesting comparsion. Thanks for the report.

Hey Doug,

I was so shocked by the extreme affect of Katz Eye screen on exposure, that (seriously) I initially thought that my camera was malfunctioning. I had Haoda's screen installed for 2 weeks before I received Rachael's hi-lux "Plus" screen and I saw no significant effect on exposures.

Ray, does this apply to various metering modes/patterns (e.g.,
Evaluative with autmatic AF point selection, Evaluative with center
AF ppoont preseelcted, Evaluative with a non-center AF point
preselected, Partial, CWA) or to one of those in particular, and
of so, which one? [Well, looking at the latter part of your
message, it seems that probably it was some flavor of Evaluative


I am surpsied to find such a great shift, but of course I don't yet
know in which metering mode/pattern you were shooting. [Again, it
seems as if it was some flavor of Evaluative.]

Yep, center point and evaluative metering. I rarely shoot using the other modes and I almost always use center point focus and recompose.

I'm actually surprised that there was no signfiicant exposure
metering shift with the Haoda screen, but of course I would only
expect that to show up in a metering situation in which central the
central AF detectors figures prominently, such as Evaluative with
the center AF point preselected, Evaluative with automatic AF point
preselection where the scene was such that the center AF point was
selected during AF, or Partial. In other words, I wouild expect the
effect of that screen on meterng to rather parallel that of the
Canon split prism screens (on cameras for which such are available,
of course).

The whole time I was testing Haoda's screen, I was using preselected center point with evaluative metering. I wasn't aware that these screens were supposed to affect metering using this combination of center point and metering selection. I never noticed any effect on metering with Haoda's screen and, since I've reinstalled it, still haven't. When I go out today, I'm going to make sure to shoot some photos that should result in a perfect AE result and see if there is any overexposure effect caused by the screen.

As noted by my surprise the first time I tried Rachael's screen under the same settings, I went on the hunt for information. I wrote Rachael, who is very professional and always good with customer support. She immediately replied, explaining that the situation I was shooting in would indeed cause the "problems" I was having. She also pointed me to your review, here on dpreview.

Unfortunately, I shoot evaluative with center point preseletion most of the time, so Rachael's screen, though better than Haoda's screen in the focusing department, can't be used for my typical shooting style and subject.

Indeed, I have not yet tested the Katz Eye Plus screen in a studio
flash situation. I hope to so so shortly.

Excellent. I hope you post another detailed review, when you do. Your previous review was very informative.


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