A200 at 5MP Compared to 5MP Cameras

Started Aug 15, 2005 | Discussions thread
caton Regular Member • Posts: 185
Yep, that's a lot.

BTW, re-read what I wrote. I said A2-> A200 about 2 stops difference, and A200-XT 2 stops more. That is also quite on par with what ove said between A2 and Xt (4 stops). So the A200 is not on par with the Xt.

I don't have the precise figures from chasseur d'images but I made the comparisons some while ago with the precise figures, and I got the comparison I described in my previous post.

Concerning the sensor, well, modern image processing can do marvels. Look at the F10 from fuji. The sensor is not very special and yet they can do nearly as well as DSLRs on this respect, with a much smaller sensor, all this thanks to excellent internal image processing!

Have a nice day.


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