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Re: Digital Wedding Photography

racehorse in the desert wrote:

My assistant and I shot our first all digital wedding last night.

Hi John,

I shot my 2nd wedding reception ever a few days ago. I used my DS and the AF360 flash.

3. Because of the lower amount of exposure latitude it is
necessary to adjust exposure compensation "on the fly" as you go
from the dance floor to the main room to a situation outside. A
lot of times we set the flash or camera at +1.0 stop.

Yes, I observed the same.

4. My external battery packed worked flawlessly and I didn't miss
shots waiting for the flash to recharge.

Yep, I'm impressed with the recharge speed and the life of my NIMH batteries in that flash.

5. It is very easy to get caught up in the ability to adjust ISO
and WB to various different situations and then leave something in
the wrong place for the next scene. I did this twice.

Definitely true especially when you are so concerned about getting yourself in place for the next great shot.

6. The AF360 IR focus assist works okay for stationary objects,
and takes about 2-3 seconds to home in, but it is almost useless in
a dim room with moving dancers.

I know! I had to turn off auto focus because I was missing good shots of people dancing. In the very dim light of the dance floor, the camera would take too long to figure out how to focus so I had to switch to manual focus. But even my eyes through the viewfinder had difficulty seeing whether the subjects were in focus in that dim light and the darned dancers wouldn't stay still!! So many of my dance pics were a little out of focus. I was shooting in an LDS cultural hall like you often do. That's a very difficult and tricky lighting situation. And that yellowish wood floor! It really creates a challenge.

7. The bride wanted very few formals or posed photos. So we were
left to take "snapshots" of moving people all night, and that is
not what photographers would prefer.

The biggest problem with these cultural halls or any large dance hall I suppose is that there isn't any low ceiling from which to bounce the flash and there is a lot of open space and you have no control over the background behind the subjects.

8. It is also very easy to "overshoot," thinking, "After all, I am
using digital."

Yes I took way too many photos too. On the other hand, since many of the dance photos were out of focus I still had a decent amount of decent in-focus photos. But I wouldn't call my dance and candid photos works of art. More "snapshots" than anything else.

The istDS did very well I think in later afternoon natural daylight at the Denver Temple. I was very pleased with the color and natural look. The fill flash worked great.

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Allan Plucinik
Colorado Springs, CO

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