P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.

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Re: P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.


You have a very sensible way of going about this. It´s refreshing to hear that the professionals know what they are doing so we don´t get those horror messages... "I lost all my images when my one computer crashed" (or PSD or card or Microdrive etc etc...)

I'm a profesional musician and last week when I got to a very big gig with a TV comedian, and the supplied amplifier I was supposed to use didn´t work, I had my own as a back up in the car. No problem! And all my cables are easily swapped out because they use common standards. That´s the way it should be. The only horror stories we need to be passing around are the ones like: The bride or groom was so drunk that...etc etc.

And having enough cards to allow you to not delete before you have proven your double backups work is the way to go. Being an amateur gives me the luxury of deleting and if I screw up, it doesn´t affect me more than getting bummed out.

It's cool to see one of the "tricks of the trade" of not allowing them to see your pics on the laptop. It totally makes sense. You´re there to take photos and they can see the finished products later- no need to do collective "chimping" when you got photos to to take. This PDA solution fits perfecty into that kind of a work flow and appeases the customer enough.
While we are sharing tricks..

Here´s a music studio trick..... On the mixing board you should always have a large important looking fader that isn´t connected to anything but has an important name like "acoustic harmonic phase shifting". When the producer starts trying to tell you what to do in a totally useless way, adjust that fader. Sometimes he will hear a difference and each time he doesn´t know what to say to fix, he will ask for you to give the mix more of that fader.

Guy Moscoso

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