Digital Wedding Photography

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Digital Wedding Photography

My assistant and I shot our first all digital wedding last night. All in all it went well. Here are a few notes:

1. The tendency to underexpose works in your favor and you can usually brighten things up. Even images that appeared to be overexposed (with the LCD brightness turned down) were usable.
2. The AF360 worked very well as fill flash and as interior flash.

3. Because of the lower amount of exposure latitude it is necessary to adjust exposure compensation "on the fly" as you go from the dance floor to the main room to a situation outside. A lot of times we set the flash or camera at +1.0 stop.

4. My external battery packed worked flawlessly and I didn't miss shots waiting for the flash to recharge.

5. It is very easy to get caught up in the ability to adjust ISO and WB to various different situations and then leave something in the wrong place for the next scene. I did this twice.

6. The AF360 IR focus assist works okay for stationary objects, and takes about 2-3 seconds to home in, but it is almost useless in a dim room with moving dancers. We had to set the lenses to 6' and use manual focus. I wonder if the Sigma EF 500 DG Super is any better in this regard?

7. The bride wanted very few formals or posed photos. So we were left to take "snapshots" of moving people all night, and that is not what photographers would prefer. Few notable photos this time.

8. It is also very easy to "overshoot," thinking, "After all, I am using digital." We certainly didn't use the type of restraints that we used with film. We took about 800 images and plan to end up with 300 usable ones, but part of this was because they are almost all "candids."

9. I used a Lumiquest diffuser, watching the exposure carefully because I tend to get -1.0 stop underexposure with it on my D, while my assistant used a Stofen Omnibounce, straight on (super high ceiling).

10. Less exposure latitude is a serious problem. It was very difficult to expose for the dress AND for the background.

11. Here are a couple of somewhat decent images that we managed to get. Normally we would have the bride hold the bouquet. The dress washed out a bit here. These are not final images.

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