RAW is killing me!

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If u want "As Shot" why use RAW at all? (nt)

Daniella wrote:

DrFogg wrote:

Well i am now shooting raw+ jpg as an insurance policy so i always
have the raw file if i need it. as soon as they are loaded onto my
pc i put them onto disc and forget them. I rarelt shoot more than
60 pics a day on a 1 meg card so i have the room for that.

Are you saying daniella that i should just shoot raw, convert then
into jpg on the PC? is the PC conversion as good as the in camera

not with DPP but with Raw Image task, if you use the "as shot"
settings, it will be exactly the same image as in-camera conversion.

if you want to test this yourself you can. take one of your RAW +
jpg, then convert the RAW with RIT and as shot and compare the in
camera jpg and the converted one. BTW, the jpg from the RIT
maximum .jpg quality is less compressed so shoudl be even a bit


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