S70 or S2 IS

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Re: S70 or S2 IS

bdery wrote:

As for trying to find a contestant for th S70, the only amera that
comes to mind is the very good Nikon 8400. Even wider angle (24
mm) and about all the G6 offers.

and some US$150 more expensive, substantially bigger and heavier than the Canon S70, no optical viewfinder. It is a good camera better in some ways, not as good in others - YMMV

Since we appear now to be doing a "survey" let's at least make it a bit more comprehensive - one could consider the Olympus C-7070 - which is 7mp, has a 28mm wide angle lens with optical viewfinder.....and can be found for about $50 cheaper than the Canon S70, but it is bulkier and heavier -

but do we know what the original poster wants, to be offering yet more alternatives, when he asked about comparing two specific cameras?

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