P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.

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Re: P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.

"It's really all about assimilation of functionality and maximizing it's use in multiple applications."

Yes, you are right. It is about using technology to shrink and combine many applications into a killer device:

  • Long battery life

  • Great viewing screen

  • multiple applications that are not stripped of functions

  • Large storage capacity

Why are there so many individual products that only excel at one or two of the criteria?

I have an MP3 player capable of storing 10+ hours of music on only 256meg and battery life on 1 AA of 30 hours

A PDA that is a minature PC that only gives me 3-4 hours of batt life and very limited amount of memory (unless dedicating removable storage to the unit)

A laptop that has a large amount of storage, a great, large screen and only about 3 hours batt. life

I understand the limitations of battery drain on displays and HD's, but we are so close to a PDA that can deliver everything in a tiny package.

Guess I'll just have to wait until next year and see if the HP Lifedrive concept matures.

BTW: one of the reasons I bought the PDA instead of a Epson P2000 was for the PDA function and more specifically the GPS application. what mapping and antennae combo do you use? I would like to take advantage of the clear VGA screen and voice directions, plus easy to input routes and destinations.

Thanks for any advice, Rob


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