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Re: ACDSee vs. Picasa

I've used both, but I prefer ACDSee, Particularly the more expensive PowerPack version as it includes a pretty good editor (over and above the basic editing functions included in ACDSee proper) and fotoSlate, an enhanced printing package with color management (similar to Qimage). I will restrict my comments to ACDSee itself however. And on both i will try to be as honest as I can in evaluating the two and I will try not to "Pimp" for my favorite.

In my mind, Picassa is aimed at the casual user. It seems to want to steer the user to various photo related internet sites for printing, storage, etc. It provides both good basic Photo organization and simple editing features. I've never tested the limits of the number of photos it can handle, but I suspect it will start to choke on more than, say, 1500 photos. It's a good basic organizer, not too hard to learn, doesn't take up too much room, and it's free.

ACDSee on the other hand is aimed at the more serious photographer. Just about any task you would need to perform on a photo (or a group of photos) can be done in ACDSee. It is a large and complex program, it takes some time to learn, it's got a BIG footprint, and you have to pay for it. Though there is a free 30 day trial version available for download on their web site. I have never reached the limit of photos on ACDSee (I've only got about 3000 photos), but others have claimed to manage 20,000 photos or so with ACDSee. I have no way to verify that claim, however.

I suspect, because of its size and complexity, it is difficult to adeqautely test cheaply. As a result, it seems the first release of a new version always seems kind of buggy. You should see the moaning that goes on in these forums after a new ACDSee release!

To ACDSee's credit though they don't make you pay for subsequent releases of the same version. So you can get the bugs fixed. What I do is only upgrade every other version and only after the new version has had 2 or 3 releases. There's no reason to upgrade every 18 months or so. For instance, I am on V6, the current release is V7. I will wait til version 8 to upgrade and only then after its been out for a while.

I suspect V7 is a safe buy now, it's been out a while and V8 is due out shortly. So don't let that stop you. If you need its features, V7 will serve you well. but if you are a casual user, don't buy ACDSee, you'll probably never get comfortable with it.

In short, ACDSee is not perfect. It's got some warts, but I haven't found anything I like better (though I continue to look). I would also advise you to look at the $80 Powerpack version. I really like the editor and have pretty much stopped using other editors.

Riskman wrote:

I am currently using Picasa for my photo organizing and editing. I
have heard a number of people speak highly of ACDSee. Does anyone
have experience with each of these? Any thoughts or recommendations?



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