P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.

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Re: P2000 vs PDA image quality, etc.

I don't know about the VGA specs, I just know that I have seen with my own eyes both screens and the Axim is every bit as sharp and clear with good color as the P2000.

I am also doing some research into attaching a self powered USB drive ro the Axim and x-ferring files that way. Even if not, I could by a no-frills PSD for storage and still have spent less than just buying the P2000.

for me, the speed at which the Axim accesses the card and pulls up photos is worth the price of admission. I stated yesterday that I could access the card, see thumbnails and start reviewing images in under 2 minutes. I was wrong. Last night I plugged in a full 1 gig card and the thumbnails started appearing in about three seconds. Flipping through the images at full screen mode was about 2-3 seconds each. I can set the program to cache the next file, so if I were to just look at an image for 2 seconds, I would have to wait a max of 1 more second to see the next image.

The fastest I could flip through images on the 2000 was 8-10 seconds. I am too impatient to waste that kind of time.

I am not knocking the 2000 but the Axim matches it for image quality and screen size, and blows it away in image access speed, which is all I am after.

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